The Steam Game Festival offered a lot of players a first chance at getting some hands-on experience with Trifox. Among them was a speedrunner, Berserkr, who challenged himself to beat our demo in record time.

I want to be… the very best!

Seeing his enthusiasm for setting a better time each run got us thinking that it might be interesting to challenge our community to a speedrunning contest….

And boy, did they deliver! Players started replaying the demo over and over to shave off precious seconds, just so they could get the top spot in our Discord ranking. After all, there was a prize to be won: the top speedrunners were promised a full copy of the game at release, on the platform of their choice. The stakes were high and people were spending hours in the demo to perfect their run. For your viewing pleasure we’re sharing the top five results with you.

The Top 5

A returning theme you’ll see among the speedrunners is that pretty much all speedrunners preferred the Warrior playstyle, mostly because it wrecks the final boss of the demo but also because his balanced abilities are great at keeping enemies at a distance while still dealing tons of damage.

Daddy Cold & Lionn0 both had an impressive 4:42 run with little to no mistakes. While they clocked in at the same time, if you’d start looking at the milliseconds, Daddy Cold had a minor edge.

Mayonas69 was also a contender who uploaded a few runs and tried to stay in the running for a top spot. With his final video upload he shaved off 2 seconds from the two participants behind him (The video title said 4:42, but by the official start & end rules we clocked it in at 4:40)

Our OG speedrunner returned to prove a point. After people were aiming for the magical 4:40 mark, he tapped into some additional motivation and he knocked it out of the park with a glitch-less run of only 4:38. When this contest started, we didn’t even think it would have been possible.

Until Wies came along. This eager player contacted us to ask if skips were allowed as he had found a few ways to circumvent parts of the demo by going out of bounds. We ruled that only the Start & Finish were defined and whatever happens in between was fair game. In his final upload, he found a rather elegant method to jump over a closed gate, thus crowning himself as the ruling king of our speedrunning competition.

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of our participants. This speedrunning contest has also proven to be an invaluable playtesting tool with everyone reporting potential issues and offering feedback while simultaneously giving us the video evidence needed to check it out. It helps us prevent skips like the one showcased by Wies and will help make Trifox a better game.

We’re also happy to confirm that in the full release, at the end of every level, you’ll get to see your best time. It should be a useful metric for people looking to set a record time and we can’t wait to see everyone sharing their results. What’s more: in the hubworld, you will be able to check a statistics screen that shows various stats being tracked.

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