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Ability Overview

Pick and fine-tune your playstyle

Mix and match between three different and unique playstyles.
Experiment, combine and discover new ways of dealing with your foes!


Flame Turret

Deploy a powerful automated flameturret that will take care of anything within its range.

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Gatling Gun

Fire your trusty backpack mounted gatling gun to swiftly deal with any threats along your path.

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Deny your foes the pleasure of having a direct line of sight and/or movement towards you.

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Guided Missile

Laser pointers aren’t only a great way to entertain cats, they can also guide powerful missiles towards their target.

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Beep Beep Boom!

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Chain together a series of lasernodes and make anyone or anything think twice before coming closer.

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Deploy a powerful Teslapillar to stun your foes with its electric discharges.

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Rocket Turret

Swiftly clear the field with powerful rocket barrages. Ideal for when accuracy is less of a concern.

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Maintenance can really be a chore but with these lovely little drone friends you can rest assured that your deployed structures will receive all the love and care they deserve.

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Movement Perk: Helicopter

The closest you’ll get to flying.

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Swing your hammer forward, dealing damage to anything in its way.

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When things get too claustrophobic, hurl your enemies backwards leaving them vulnerable for attacks.

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Swirl around like a hurricane, taking care of anything in your path.

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Hurl yourself (and your hammer) towards your targets.

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Protect yourself from incoming attacks with this shiny piece of armor.

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Grappling Hook

Get over here! Or is it the other way around?

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Divide and shatter your foes with a display of power.

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Create your own little safe haven, away from the rest of the world.

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Ultimate Strike

Nothing is safe while you peform this time bending, pain enducing, skull crushing ultimate strike.

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Movement Perk: Dash

Dash, dodge and sprint towards (or away) from danger.

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Memory Shards

Fire homing crystal shards that will always stay on target.
First hit sets a beacon, the rest will follow.

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Shard Bomb

This orb slowly damages anything it touches.
When agitated, the results can be devastating…

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Immobilization Field

Create a mystical energy field around you that slows down any threat that dares to enter.

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Essence Whip

Nothing like smacking things against each other using a glowing energy whip.

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Shield Bubble

This energy shield will prevent all fast moving projectiles from entering (or leaving)!
Ideal if you want to focus on the things that really matter, like staying alive.

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Shard Drone

Your personal trigger happy bodyguard.

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Steal the show at any party with this mystical projection.
This sparkling wonder will without a doubt attract anything with a pair of eyes.

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Piercing Shard

Line up your targets, charge up your shot and wipe the board with one calculated blow!

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Your very own portable black hole.

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Movement Perk: Blink

Teleportation, the easiest way get where you want to go.

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